"This year, the High Divers had time to tour, make an album, tour, shoot a video, tour, and make yet another album, the latter of which is the ever so festive, A Very Divers Christmas. Dropped on Fri. Nov. 23, the new EP is begging to be on repeat as you decorate your tree, drink adult egg nog, and think about how much you could have gotten done in 2018 were you as talented/skilled/efficient as the High Divers."-CHARLESTON CITY PAPER

"A crisp and pretty love song, “Let Your Love Be Known” features sprightly guitar, delicate keys, and swirling background noise, all of which cushion the elegant harmonies of husband-and-wife bandmates Luke and Mary Alice Mitchell."-PASTE MAGAZINE 

 "Their new single offers the charm of Neil Young and the quaint rebellion of Tom Petty. It’s a track that further reflects upon rock and roll tendencies, while seamlessly blending in the notions of a ballad." -NOCTIS MAGAZINE (Premiere of new single "Fall In Love So Fast) 

"The High Divers Have Gone And Made The Perfect Classic Rock Album"- DEMUR MAGAZINE  

"You've been waiting for it. We've been waiting for it. And now it's here. The High Divers never left us wanting after the utterly perfect debut Riverlust, but there is more where that came from. Hallelujah, Chicora has arrived." -CHARLESTON CITY PAPER


"Best of all, even with the fact that this band obviously knows how to craft a great studio album, its live game is strong too. It will be a true crime if The High Divers aren’t the darlings of the national rock scene by this time next year."-South Carolina Music Guide (Top 5 bands to watch, 2015)

"This is a good-vibe, rock-n-roll album reminiscent of Tom Petty, with a beautiful pairing of harmonies and melodies to keep these tunes stuck in your head for days."-Greg Slatterly, STEREOFLY (Review of Riverlust)

"I am not sure South Carolina realizes what it has in The High Divers. That group is special. There wasn’t a record released in 2015 better than Riverlust and I’m standing by those words." 

– Luke Goddard, THE BLUE INDIAN

"Riverlust can be anthemic yet down-to-earth — accessible but beautifully complex, mixing harmonies, horns, melody, and rollicking chorus lines with a joyous energy the band readily applies to their craft. We've seen firsthand the kind of effect such a combination has on the High Divers' live audience, and it's no wonder the city has embraced the band so earnestly."


"Give It Up", is easily one of the finest pure, rock ‘n’ roll tracks of the year”


"The title track, buried midway through, is a gem all on its own with tribal-like drumbeats and a chest-beating chorus"


"Listening to the superbly crafted Riverlust, the debut LP by The High Divers, is a lot like coming across a long-lost favorite album."


“How lucky am I to have happened upon this?”


The High Divers’ debut album is a must listen, and this band appears to be one of the more promising groups we’ve heard recently. And to borrow a line from “Give It Up,” if you appreciate genuine roots-rock with authentic Southern flavor, “you can have it any way you want it” with Riverlust.

-Kyle Barfield, The Blue Indian

The High Divers’ sound is generally an energetic vintage-inflected indie-pop-rock party, but this tune sees them getting more pensive (as is appropriate to the lyrics). The song builds from mumbly, dejected quietness at the beginning to a high point of sonic outrage midway through and out through a long instrumental section that closes the tune. The walking-speed tune has some vintage guitar moments right at the high point of the song: the guitar strumming snaps to attention in a decidedly old-school way. But it never feels “retro”–it feels like The High Divers have integrated tons of sounds into their own unique brew.  

-Stephen Carradini, Independentclauses.com

We’re excited to be premiering the new single “Wild With You” by The High Divers, one of our new faves when it comes to that neo-roots rock thang. Give a listen below, and be sure to check out their upcoming LP Riverlust when it drops on October 9th (on Hearts & Plugs).

-Benjamin Ricci, Performer Mag

"With a deliciously stutter-stepping rhythm, funky, serpentine guitar lines and a chorus that just won't quit, "Summertime" by Charleston, South Carolina band the High Divers makes a strong bid for a beach-bound playlist."


"With their latest single, "Summertime," The High Divers bring out some of that celebratory twang and find a sweet spot between an all-out roots rock barrage and something more inclusive and gloriously upbeat. Buoyed by a cluster of densely layered vocals and instrumentation that feels simultaneously joyful and heraldic, the track is a perfect suspension of that feeling of carefree joy that usually accompanies summer."

- Joshua Pickard, Nooga.com

Charleston is a great fit for The High Divers. The band pulls from a variety of classic influences from distinctly American rock n roll bands like Tom Petty and Wilco, to modern influences like Dr. Dog and Father John Misty. Lately they’ve been listening to a lot of John Prine whose seen a revitalized career in the twilight years of his life. Prine is a true song craftsman with a story to tell and is most deserving of a second wind in his career.

- David Stringer, SCENE SC